Monday, December 2, 2013

Swing-N-Slide launches Monster Web Swing

Swing-N-Slide® Launches the Monster Web Swing

Innovative web swing promotes imaginative play for your backyard

Swing-N-Slide, a division of Backyard Products, LLC, is America’s first do-it-yourself wooden playset manufacturer and promotes safe backyard play for children.   The company has launched a brand new, safety tested, Monster Web Swing for residential backyards.

The Monster Web Swing provides a thrill ride in your own backyard.  This extra-large 42-in x 33-in oval swing is uniquely designed for a comfortable ride.  The swing cultivates inclusive and interactive play by creating social interaction between multiple passengers. 

The swing’s heavy-duty construction can hold up to 3 children for endless hours of fun.  With a 250 pound weight limit, even moms and dads can enjoy the ride. The unique spider web design features an oval base of sturdy steel tubing protected by extra padding and durable braided plastic rope.  The oversized design can fit in a 2 bay swing position while meeting regulated space requirements.

Swing-N-Slide puts kids first in all new product introductions.    During development, our designers consider safety of its consumers first and foremost.  Commitment to safety and quality is the cornerstone to providing children and their families with the safest, most reliable play sets and accessories available in the market.  As with all Swing-N-Slide products, the Monster Web Swing was tested and is compliant with all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety regulations.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Name Our New "Play It Safe" Dog!

Swing-N-Slide Announces New Mascot and Naming Contest
Playset Manufacturer Encourages Safe Play with Introduction of New Dog Mascot
Chattanooga, TN — October 3, 2013 —Swing-N-Slide, a PlayCore company, and America’s first do-it-yourself wooden playset manufacturer, promotes safe backyard play.   In order to spread the word about the importance of safety in outdoor play, Swing-N-Slide has introduced a new ambassador.  The new dog mascot will represent the company when informing children about the steps to take for safer play.

To assist in safety education, Swing-N-Slide has created the pet to help parents effectively teach children the rules of backyard play when using a playset.  The naming contest encourages family participation and communication by asking families for name ideas.    As an added incentive, Swing-N-Slide will reward the winning name submission with a free playset accessory.   

Swing-N-Slide’s new pet will promote different safety education programs throughout the year, including the recently launched “Play It Safe” Coloring Book.  The activity book provides coloring sheets while teaching children the steps for safer play.  The book also encourages children to play safer with a Safety Pledge.  The pledge should be signed by children and can be submitted back to Swing-N-Slide.  Submissions will be posted on 

The “Name The Dog” contest will be live and taking entries until October 13, 2013.  Swing-N-Slide will announce the winner via Facebook and email on Monday, October 14, 2013.  To enter the contest, visit the Swing-N-Slide home page and click the contest banner or go straight to the entry page.

About Swing-N-Slide
Since 1985, Swing-N-Slide has provided safe, high-quality wooden play sets, and is one of the leading playground equipment companies in the United States. With a commitment to safety and quality, Swing-N-Slide designs, manufactures and distributes consistently innovative do-it-yourself playground kits and play set accessories to enhance the at-home assembly process and overall safety of their play systems, achieving their vision of bringing fun, compliant and reliable products into the home.

About PlayCore
PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, education, and partnerships. Our company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands. We combine best-in-class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play solutions that match the unique needs of each community we serve.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Live Customer Service is Now Available 7 Days a Week!

Swing-N-Slide has announced that now through Labor Day, the Swing-N-Slide Customer Support Center is available Monday through Sunday to cater to your busy schedule and support you in building your own swingset!

From Monday through Friday, Customer Service Representatives are available from 7am to 5pm, and on Saturday, Sunday and all holidays from 10am-5pm CST. You can contact a representative by calling 1-800-888-1232, toll free, or email us at We’re also available via Live Chat on-site, so you can speak to us instantly while you’re browsing playground accessories, looking at swing set anchors, or deciding which do-it-yourself playset is right for your home!

“We want to ensure customers have everything they need to create the ideal play environment. Our goal is to differentiate from our competitors by offering unprecedented quality customer service, and instill in our customers great confidence in our products and in the advice we give, whether they need help buying a playset for the first time, or maintaining the swingset they have,” says Peggy Schutt, Customer Service Manager at Swing-N-Slide.
Check out Swing-N-Slide’s FAQ page to find answers to common questions, or click on the Live Chat to ask about something out-of-box. Swing-N-Slide is glad to help!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Benefits of Monkey Bars

Playing on Monkey Bars is more than just fun… Check out these other benefits…
“Jungle gym monkey bars, while a fun, favorite way to pass time for children and parents, can also be a healthy alternative to help keep kids in shape”

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swing-N-Slide’s Swing Set Safety Guide Gets Your Backyard Playground Ready for Summer Fun!

Swing-N-Slide wants you and your children get the most out of your outdoor play environment. That’s why we’ve launched our Swing Set Safety Guide with tips and tricks to help ensure your Swing-N-Slide woodenplayset is properly assembled so you can be more confident that your child’s backyard play time will be fun and safe this summer.

The Guide features details on how to keep yourself safe while assembling your play set, how to prep play set parts prior to assembly to remove sharp edges and splinters, how to ensure your playset is properly installed, and additional playgroundaccessories needed as safety buffers against trips and falls around your play set.  It’s not only useful to first-time play set installations, but is a handy tool in yearly check-ups after play sets have been left outside during the winter.

Have extra questions? Not to worry! Swing-N-Slide’s on-site Live Chat makes it easy for you to instantly connect with a Swing-N-Slide operator so you can quickly get answers to any questions and concerns you may have regarding play set safety and accessories.

Visit to check out the Swing Set Safety Guide and build a safe and fun backyard playground!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Shopping Online for Backyard Play

We found a great blog about finding the very best play sets online. This blogger breaks it up into 3 steps. The second step is to ask about accessories.

“When your kids hear about your hopes of getting a swing set, they’ll be
thrilled! So happy, in fact, that they’ll likely start asking you for
accessories and gadgets to make the playground twice as fun. There are
tons to choose from! For instance, the Swing-N-Slide Yukon Wood Swing
Set features a rock wall, knotted-rope pirate’s ladder, straight slide,
and a few swings. Kids can swing, climb, slide, and pretend all at the
same time!”

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swing-N-Slide Presents New Customer Preference Surveys! wants to know what you think about Swing-N-Slide wood play sets, swings and playground equipment! Until April 15th, we are hosting our Customer Preference Survey on

We would like to know what you like best about our play sets, what kinds of colors, swing types and features you would like to see more of, the kinds of additional toys and play structures you would like to add to your backyard playground, and how we can better cater to any budget.

To thank you for your feedback, we’ll present you with a coupon code at the end of the one-page survey to redeem a FREE Pirate Accessory Pack with any purchase of $50 or more. The Pirate Accessory Pack includes a Pirate Ship Wheel, Telescope with working compass, Pirate Activity Map and all the hardware you need to make this a fun and exciting addition to any play set!
Visit us at today to take the Customer Preference Survey, and get your FREE Pirate Accessory Pack!