Thursday, June 14, 2012

Community Benefits of Play

Often we hear "Play is the work of a child."  Indeed, research shows that children are at their highest level of development when at play.  Play is dynamic, active - an integral part of children's growth and development, allowing children to discover their full potential.  The foundation for learning, play is critical for healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development - providing enjoyment and emotional fulfillment.  Children learn about the world around them through self-created experiences where they are free to express their creativity, individuality, and imagine words.

Opportunities to engage in meaningful "play" experiences throughout one's lifespan fosters happy, healthy, and productive communities that value and appreciate the benefits of play, recreation, and most of all - having fun!  It is through play that people of all ages and abilities foster friendships, connect with the wonders of the natural world, learn through meaningful experiences, and engage in physical activity - creating a healthy life balance and passionate members of society.

PlayCore, Words on Play

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