Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new school year has arrived! Bring recess to your backyard!

A new school year has arrived!  Bring recess to your backyard!

This year’s homework assignment is PLAY!  Schools help children excel in academics to build strong minds!  Many schools have limited recess time for children to get outside.  Physical activity and play helps build strong minds and bodies!  Know the benefits of play and get active with your child after school!

Did you know that certain elements of play can help improve your child’s performance at school?   Swinging repeatedly can enhance a child’s vestibular (inner ear) stimulation.  In other words, the movement improves a child’s ability to pay attention!  You and your child’s teachers will appreciate that!  Climbing a rock wall or monkey bars develops hand-eye coordination and upper body strength.  Creative play in a clubhouse or sandbox can help develop strong and effective social skills.  Active lifestyles can also build confidence which is important as any child embarks on a new school year!

Homework assignments shouldn’t stop at academics.  Be sure to engage your child in play each day too!  As little as 30 minutes of physical activity per day can keep your child healthy and active.  Whether it is creative play indoors or active play outdoors, make sure to incorporate play into your child’s after school activities and bring recess to your backyard!

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